Haiti Peace Vigil 2010, Houston, TX

January 12. 2011 at 6pm CST a candlelight memorial will be held in Houston, TX to honor the lives lost in hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes and fires in Haiti.  Not only did many die,  but hundreds of thousands were left injured and millions homeless.     


Three story school "pancaked" in Ayiti's (Haiti's) January 12, 2010 earthquake

The Global Prayer Vigil focuses on the healing of individual, family, community, country and world.  Know that you are going into sacred space and know that you will receive and leave with positive results. 

We are asking that differences be put aside and we come together globally for Ayiti and others. Contact your friends, families, business associates, school and spiritual family. Elders, children, young adults, young at heart, adults, teens…   

We are honored to have the Peacewalkers from 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace with us  for this event.  The first group of such to be led by an Afrikan-American woman, Sis. Audri Scott Williams, 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace will facilitate the building of a Peace Pole for this commemoration and the community.  Incredibly, the Peacewalker Team, including Audri’s elderly mother who is wheelchair bound, have peacewalked around the world.  You are humbly invited to join what promises to be a most memorable gathering.

After building the Peace Pole and having global prayer inside, people will leave the vigil space; take a candle and form a circle around the peace pole outside under the stars.  The prayer circle candles are lit, libation poured and prayer offered for the People of Ayiti, particularly those touched in some way by the earthquake and/or the cholera epidemic. 


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